Loretta Ensor ( 1904 – 1991 )

Loretta Ensor

Loretta Ensor Graduation Photo – 1923

Loretta was Marshall Ensor’s sister.  Loretta admired her older brother and even earned her radio license in 1923 (at age 16). Using the early years battery operated equipment made by Marshall, she became not only the first Kansas woman operator, but was distinguished to be the first American woman whose voice spanned the Pacific in a contact with an operator in New Zealand.

When Marshall received the ‘William s. Paley’ award in New York City, Loretta, too was flown there since she, also a licensed radio operator, helped on occasion to fill in for Marshall so that no evening was omitted in the annual lessons.

Later in life she operated the Ensor Museum with aid of hired help. She assigned 3 long time family friends and a bank to become controlling Trustees upon her death, and continued living out her life within her museum home. She showed guests around the historic site with pride. Loretta Ensor continued being her gracious self and from time to time gave interviews as well as attended social events.

Loretta's 86th Birthday in 1990

Loretta’s 86th Birthday in 1990

Loretta was plagued with deforming arthritis and aided by using a cane. Upon her death in 1991 the long enduring story of two generations of the Ensor Farm Family came to a close. Not to be forgotten, the memories are kept alive at the ENSOR PARK and MUSEUM.