Marshall Ensor Memorial Organization (MEMO)

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About the Marshall Ensor Memorial Organization (MEMO) Amateur Radio Club

In 2002 some amateur operators in the locality of the Ensor Museum thought that the wonderful and historic farm-home museum of Marshall and Loretta Ensor should have a more effective way to reach out to America and the ham radio population. Few people knew or understood how important the radio station of Marshall H. Ensor had been during his life or that it still existed and could be seen and appreciated in the same way the fine old family dairy farm could be. So they decided to form a radio club and get Marshall’s old W9BSP callsign so that the unique radio-rich museum could be better promoted to the many thousands of ham operators around the country.

MEMO Membership List

The groundwork of this goal took place soon after. The Marshall Ensor Memorial Organization became a non-profit organization with a different profile than a typical club. This website has become the informal way to attract a membership from far and wide.   No meetings are held and generally the members are content to join knowing that the one-time fee of $10.00 is a 100% deductible donation to help the Ensor Museum.

Another goal was realized when the MEMO club took in a member who volunteered to help with forming our website which quite noticeably caters to and benefits the Ensor Museum. This fine man, Bob NØUF, is appreciated and finds us in his debt. In return for our efforts, the museum allows us the ability to do our radio work from inside the original museum radio room of W9BSP.

The dedication of our W9BSP club callsign took place in a ceremony at the museum on December 6, 2003. We used the famous call for the first time in 62 years. Its last use was on December 7, 1941, when the FCC prohibited all amateur stations from transmitting during the Second World War. The first contact after those many years was made by schedule with the famous W1AW station of the Amateur Radio Relay League. It was an electrifying moment!

By the end of 2005, MEMO gained 115 members. Many are local, and many from coast to coast have joined. Numerous useful museum projects have been accomplished with the aid of MEMO fees and donations.

Please accept our invitation to join us in our effort to support this historic museum that has an equally historic connection to Amateur Radio.

2002 - WØHXS and WAØGWA (SK) sign the MEMO club charter.

2002 – WØHXS and WAØGWA (SK) sign the MEMO club charter.