Announcement (March, 2021):  The museum is currently closed for updates and renovation.  The date which the museum will re-open has not yet been determined.

Visit the Ensor Park & Museum

The Ensor Museum is open to the public for guided tours during the months of May, June, September and October on Saturday & Sunday from 1 PM to 5 PM.

There is no charge for admission to the museum, however donations are gladly accepted.

See our  map page for information on how to find us.

What to Expect:

When you arrive for a visit, you will be welcomed by Ensor tour guides. You may feel what it was like to be an early pioneer of Johnson County, Kansas and to build a dairy farm from bare materials and hard work. You may feel the excitement of being a young Ensor child helping out on the farm and growing to love the life, the animals and learning skills from your parents that last a lifetime.

The treasures of their lives are everywhere to be seen and appreciated. Whether you see the farm implements and tools, the handcrafts of the women who had strong aptitudes in artistic accomplishments, or the early woodworking projects and radio wizardry of Marshall H. Ensor.

10 Reasons to Visit the Museum:

  1. Tour the authentic 1890s farm house and the antiques within.
  2. Learn about the early days of amateur radio. Hear Amateur Radio.
  3. See Marshall Ensor’s wood shop.
  4. There is something of interest for everyone!  Youngsters can even pump well water.
  5. Hear about the exciting 1940 William S. Paley Award.
  6. Observe a working spark gap transmitter in action.
  7. View a variety of horse drawn farm implements. Two Barns and Chicken Houses.
  8. Check out a collection of vintage radio equipment.
  9. See what life was like on a turn of the century dairy farm.
  10. Learn about the life and times of Marshall H. Ensor and his family.

And there’s much more to see!  Plan your visit to the historic Ensor Park & Museum today!