Museum Vistors

Here are some memorable visitors to the museum:

John A. Bender of Southgate, CA. Yvonne Werp of Downey, Ca. and John P. Bender of Olathe (pictured from left to right), had the greatest fun time enjoying the museum in June, 2016.   John A. is a long time Ham and his son knew the Ensor tour would be a place to take him and Yvonne. They enjoyed nearly 3 hours inspecting antiques and radios of yesteryear. Truly an ideal threesome.

The Ensor Museum staff had the great pleasure of having a planned visit on Sunday, June 14th, 2015. They were David and Sally Ensor who are selling a home in the Carolinas and on their way to a new home in Washington state. They indicated that other Ensor relatives live in the area of Washington state where they are headed.

David told of visiting Loretta and Marshall in 1952. Seems David’s grandfather and Marshall’s father were brothers from Maryland.

Is the world getting smaller–or what?

2014 - Cub Scouts from Pack 3068 in Olathe, KS visit the museum.
2014 – Cub Scouts from Pack 3086 in Olathe, KS visit the museum.