R. Whitehouse Former Ensor Student (2023).  At “Ensorfest 23” Richard Whitehouse presented the story of his interactions with Marshall Ensor as form student at Olathe High School.

Bit by the Bug at 10 Years Old, by Jim Andera, K0NK  (2017).   A member of the Sante Fe Trail Amateur Radio Club had the pleasure of helping a 10-yr-old boy develop an interest in amateur radio during the club’s annual ARRL Field Day event at the Ensor Park & Museum. Jim welcomed the youngster (whose name is also Jim) at the special operating position called “GOTA” (Get On The Air), which is used to introduce newcomers to amateur radio.

The Big Kilowatt Beast (2011), by Larry Woodworth WØHXS, Ensor Park and Museum Manager from 2003-2020


An interesting letter from the late 1980’s from a ham operator wanting to thank Marshall Ensor for his “radio-by-radio” lessons due to how important they turned out to be throughout his life.